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Metra Axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface Review

Metra Axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface Review


Model: ASWC-1



    • One interface does it all – No additional interface needed
    • Designed to be compatible with all major radio brands
    • Auto detects vehicle type, radio connection, and presets controls
    • Ability to dual assign steering wheel control buttons
    • Can be manually programmed for most vehicles. Provides Speed Dependent Volume Control on select CAN data vehicles



ASWC-1 Reviews

“Some Custom Programming Was Needed. Instructions And Csr Are Poor, But Product Is Fantastic! ”

This unit programmed itself and all the buttons work flawlessly except my mill buttons for Next Preset were set to Hunt Up and Search Down. So Sirius XM would go from 101 afterward 102 then 103 etc. or another frequency on the FM dial – When I had been on 95.5 it would subsequently pick 95.7 afterward 95.9 as it will not jump to 98.9 because the next preset in line.After waiting on hold for 10 minutes the first time and hanging up, I waited 27 moments the second time before I eventually got to talk with a CSR. He clarified that when the radio remote doesn’t have a preset attributeyou couldnt program the unit to do that either. Luckily, my new Pioneer DOES have that option on the remote so that I read the directions about 8 times before I finally understood how to Remap the buttons (custom app them.) It took me 4 attempts to get it directly (due to crappy instructions) but in the long run, I obtained the upcoming preset functioning exactly like my factory radio used to perform. I will try to design in simpler instructions to set up the buttons. The instructions are on page 16 and chart for switches is on 19 of the manual.For other preset choices, reference the chart on page 19. Keep in mind, you have to go in order of this chart. To bypass any you dont need programmed, press the Volume Up button to proceed to then number on the chart. Great fortune and GodSpeed! 1) ensure the ASWC-1 is visible so you can see the LED.2) Turn off radio.3) Turn ignition on.4) Immediately press up the Volume on the steering wheel to get 20 seconds until GREEN lighting comes on. (Directions say red.) 5) Publish button. (Green LED will go out.) – This can be #1 on the chart on page 19. So you just reprogrammed Volume Up again.6) #2 to the Chart is Volume Down thus Press Volume back on the wheel for approximately 1 second until you visit green light, then go.7) #3 about the Chart says Hunt Up which I wished to jump, so to skip #3 to the list, you press Volume Up for 1 minute until you see green LED, then go.8) #4 on the graph says Seek Down Which I bypassed by pressing up the Volume button for 1 second, viewing green LED, and let proceed.9) #5 is Supply – I pressed the source key on my steering wheel for 1 minute until I watched that the Green LED, then go.10) #6 chart is Mute so skipped by pressing Volume Up to 1 minute and letting go.11) #7 chart is Preset Up so pressed Preset up on my wheel for 1 second, watched green LED and let go.12) #8 on chart is Preset Down thus press Preset down on my wheel for 1 second, watch green LED and let move.13) All my buttons were done now so to depart, press Volume Up to 10 seconds before Green LED goes out.Finished! I hope this helps some of you.I upgraded the product out of 3 to 4 stars because of functioning properly but did not go to 5 stars as a result of poor CSR and directions.

Metra Axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface Review | ASWC-1 Review