Thursday , September 24th 2020
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Happy Mane Silicone Swim Cap for Braids and Dreadlocks – Keeps Your Hair Dry While Swimming and Bathing Long Hair, Extensions, and Curly Hair – Large & XL Shower Cap for Women, Men, Kids (Pink, M)

Product Features:

    Happy Mane Swim Cap for Braids and DreadlocksAre you tired of waiting for hours until your long thick hair dries after a swim? Need a quick shower but don't want the hassle of getting your locs wet? Happy Mane is proud to offer the solution with our swim caps you get…
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Product Description

Happy Mane Swim Cap for Braids and Dreadlocks

Are you tired of waiting for hours until your long thick hair dries after a swim? 

Need a quick shower but don’t want the hassle of getting your locs wet? 

Happy Mane is proud to offer the solution with our swim caps you get the most comfortable swim cap that keeps hair dry and clean during water sports, bathing, and swimming.


– high quality silicone material offers flexibility and durability

– unique design which is not just an xl shower cap but bulbous shape to fit your dreads, afro, weave, or long hair easily

– includes travel and storage bag

– unisex and looks stylish on both men and women

– non-toxic, contains no BPA or harmful chemicals

– protects against chlorine damage

Our Commitment:

Happy Mane stands behind its products. We believe that our swim caps for dreadlocks are the best swim cap to keep hair dry on the market. If you have any issues, questions, or otherwise please contact us and we’ll do our utmost to make sure you that you are a satisfied customer.

Product Features

  • KEEP YOUR BEAUTIFUL LONG, CURLY, LOC HAIR DRY – Swimming or bathing with Happy Mane’s swim hats for dreadlock extensions, braids, and long thick hair is pure pleasure. There are many waterproof shower caps on the market but most of them are too small or not flexible enough to fit over big locs, long hair, or braid in hair extensions – Happy Mane’s pool hat comes in two sizes large and extra large for any size of hair style
  • THE ULTIMATE DREADLOCK SWIM CAP with a CHILLED OUT STYLE for MEN and WOMEN – Happy Mane shower caps are stylish and fashionable for everyone. They fit snugly around the ears and over all kinds of hairstyles to ensure that your head is protected and stays dry while in the pool, bath, or other water activity
  • COMFORTABLE and EASY TO PUT ON – Before putting on the swim cap just put your hair up in a high bun, stretch out the cap over the forehead and, starting with the hairline, move back over the head and bun down to the nape of the neck. Tuck your ears underneath the cap and make sure that the edge is snugly fitting to your head all around for maximum chlorine hair protection and protection against swimmers ear
  • DURABLE HIGH QUALITY SILICONE – Made from premium quality silicone which combines flexibility and durability so that you will enjoy Happy Mane’s swim cap for many seasons of swimming and water sports. If there is any issue with your order Happy Mane offers a full money back guarantee
  • COMES WITH CONVENIENT PVC STORAGE BAG which is great for travelling, throwing into your gym bag, or storing it with your pool exercise equipment. If you are a regular swimmer but hate the time it takes for your long, thick, curly, or just plain big hair to dry then these are your choice for swim caps that keep hair dry