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Yoga Wheel – Strongest Most Comfortable Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel for Yoga Poses, Perfect Roller for Stretching, Increasing Flexibility and Improving Backbends

Product Features:

    The Yoga Circle Wheel is designed to help stretching and release tension and muscular tightness in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors.Function of Yoga Wheel:1. Relieve stress2. Enhance agility and stamina3. Loosen tight muscles before yoga class4. Increases Mobility, balance, Flexibility, and lung capacity5. Improve overall fitness…
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Product Description

The Yoga Circle Wheel is designed to help stretching and release tension and muscular tightness in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors.

Function of Yoga Wheel:
1. Relieve stress
2. Enhance agility and stamina
3. Loosen tight muscles before yoga class
4. Increases Mobility, balance, Flexibility, and lung capacity
5. Improve overall fitness for sport and daily life
6. Offers support for challenging poses and adds creativity to your yoga practice
7. Hand crafted back roller used to open the entire back, makes Back Bending Accessible, Develop back strength
8. Open the shoulders, aligns the spine, relax the muscles, expend the chest, and stretch the hip flexors and quadriceps. Stretches & Relieves The Entire Body
9. Perfect for home exercise and whole-body exercise
10. The yoga exercise wheel is used to help beginners and advanced yoga practitioners achieve backbends and loosen tight muscles

Features of Risefit Yoga Wheel
Includes Manual Guide
No need to be flexible to use yoga wheel firstly
Any user can gain flexibility, mobility, strength, and balance!

Materials: Eco-friendly TPE foam + strong ABS inner tube
Dimension: 13 x 5 x 3/4 inches (Dia x Width x Thickness)
Weight: 3.3lb
Max. Loading Weight: 1000lb with INTERTEK Test Report;
Maintenance: Spot clean only

This Dharma Yoga Wheel is becoming a must-have yoga prop both for beginners and experienced yogis!

Product Features

  • STRONGEST WHEEL ON THE MARKET: Our yoga wheel can support up to 1000lbs with INTERTEK Test Report as seen on pics, it’s made to last, repeated use without breaking down, unlike lower quality wheels just claim similar strength! Strong inner ABS tube ensures you roll on the wheel with ease, safety, and much needed support.
  • ECO MATERIALS: Our wheel prop is made of foam TPE, eco-friendly, unlike other product wrapped by PVC or EVA, the cushion is thick, grippy and keeps in good original shape, soft and comfortable to roll between shoulder blades or under feet; help stretching and release tension and muscular tightness in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors;
  • SUPER USEFUL PROP: The yoga wheel is originally designed to help increase flexibility and work out body strength, it’s a perfect fitness prop in dharma yoga, back opener for beginners, many customers told us it’s super useful in relieving pain and stress in back, chest and shoulder, so we highly recommend it for back pain patients and breastfeeding mothers;
  • BONUS GIFT KIT: Our yoga wheels can be best gifts for your family, friends and yogis whether beginner or advanced, at home, in gym, studio or club. BONUS YOGA STRAP FOR LIMITED YOGA WHEEL SUPPLIED from Nov 4th to Dec 7th in 2016! From Feb 10th 2017 up to now, we start to send bonus straps again except for the wood printed yoga wheel. ADD TO CART NOW! Old customers please notice the bonus gift start date, NO STAPS in the parcel BEYOND THE DATE, thank you!
  • FOREVER FRIENDLY SERVICE: We believe in and stand by our yoga wheel for quality, each item is ensured with 3-year gurantee and a basic POSE GUIDE (with feedback contact info), any problems feel free to contact us and we’ll offer help until you are satisfied.